Taking a Look at Twitter

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Twitter is a lot compared to a cocktail party, where friends assemble together to share information and many people join in the course of familiar interests. According to CNBC News “Twitter has 200 million active users, 70 percent of whom live outside the U.S., tweeting in 35 diverse languages”. There are numerous great uses for Twitter, but yet once you recognize that Twitter has developed further than a micro-blogging service to become a social messaging stage, However, it can still leave me wondering why we might desire to use it. Some of the celebrities that I followed are: Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Beyoncé Knowles; organizations General Motors, Ford, kohl’s. And of course some of my friends. Many celebrities have Twitter accounts where they post updates on upcoming events they’re attending, what’s going on in their life or other things about which their fans might be attracted. Celebrities and stars in the use Twitter for a lot of reasons – promoting a new project, to admire or complain about something, to share knowledge, to broaden news about a good source. For example, Christina Perri not only tweets several times a day, but also with photos and hashtags, signifying that she is an skilled Twitter user. Her tweets are private enough that they most likely come directly from her. Another example would be Jo Pratt who is a food creator, writer, anchor and home economist in the UK. She use it for letting people know what she’s having for her dinner with link to
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