Taking a Look at Types of Lodging

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These past few years, the lodging industry has been growing very significantly. “The global hospitality sector witnessed a strong appetite for growth in 2013, a trend that is set to continue and pick up pace in 2014” (Strong Performance Predicted for Global Lodging Industry in 2014, 2014). A decade before, there were no many options of the lodging accommodation. But with the massive growth of hospitality industry, lodging accommodations are now varied. Full-serviced hotels, hostels or dormitories and Bed & Breakfast are some of the examples. First, the most popular lodging accommodation is hotel. Hotel can be defined as “a structure that provides sleeping accommodation to travelers and that usually features dining facilities and daily housekeeping service” (Akram, 2009). There are various kinds of hotel that can be distinguished by its style, function, or location. For example, the trends that are getting popular nowadays are boutique hotels. “Boutique hotels are typically furnished in a themed, stylish and/or aspirational manner” (jonckie, 2011). While there are also business hotels which “are targeted at the needs of business travelers and tend to be located in city centres and at airports. Guestrooms are equipped with spacious desks, and Internet connection” (Akram, 2009). People choose hotels rather than other budget accommodation because they are looking for nice facilities and services. Another popular alternative is hostel. “A hostel is a budget-oriented,
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