Taking a Look at Utopia

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The Utopian idea of the common life is objectionable. The Utopians depend so much on formulas having to do with equality in order to attain prefection. In order to keep the numbers balanced in their community, their household size is regulated and, if not individuals can be sent to other families to keep the numbers balanced. The way their government is set up is to avoid any sort of vice and/or greed. Although this may sound like a happy and problem free community, a good deal of freedom is sacrificed. There is no privacy. Even if one takes a vacation, one is required to work while on vacation, and work hours are assigned by the state. When the citizens choices have been made for them, it is hard to credit Utopia for any virtue. The Utopians are civilized to the point that they remain indistinguishable from one another and are all uniform with no individuality, they live in the same houses and wear the same clothes. Although one might think it is absurd to abolish private property, it does have its cons, but also solves many issues, and at the same time leads to illusory pleasures. Hythloday solution is to abolish private property and then make the punishment severe, but not death. Giles and More disagree with him because as they don’t think abolishing private property is appropriate, though More does take up the argument that abolishing private…

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