Taking a Look at Veganism

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Earthstock is a week long, campus-wide event that is used to educate students, alumni, and the general public about sustainable practices that help the environment. During the final Earthstock celebration, exhibitors from many different organizations, such as EmPower Solar and Vegan Outreach, set up tables displaying information regarding healthy lifestyle practices, alternative diets, and sustainable forms of energy. For this event, I was unfortunately assigned the task of helping other student volunteers and exhibitors check in and set up their tables. However, after volunteering, I was able to observe and learn about many of the organizations that had attended the event.
One of the most notable parts of Earthstock for me was the reciting of the Green Pledge. Just by reciting the pledge, I realized that there were many other ways to promote environmental sustainability other than just recycling. For example, by registering to vote you are helping the environment because it gives you a say in environmental policy decisions. I learned about groups such as Pride Patrol, and I learned about the impacts that certain events, such as Recyclemania, have on our campus and the environment as a whole. Another notable moment for me was learning about the benefits of a vegan diet from the Vegan Outreach organization. I learned more about the horrors that occur in slaughterhouses and poultry farms, and I…

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