Taking a Look at Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin was and still is, one of the most influential and controversial figures within the Russian State. Vladimir Putin’s childhood was one marked by high achievements and important events that shaped him into the leader he became for Russia. He was a student at a high-ranked Russian school, known to only take children with high, above average grades. Here at this school he relished in the idea about becoming a spy as his career after admiring them in many of his favorite spy movies. After his high school career he decided to continue with his education by going to Leningrad State University, where he would find his ticket to the top of politics in the form of a professor. His name was Anatoly Sobchak, a teacher in Putin’s second semester of collage. After Putin attended the university he was offered a job with the KGB, one of the only ones in his class, where he would achieve his dream of being a spy. He was located in Eastern Germany as an undercover agent to spy for the USSR and was able to fit in with the Germans, gaining important information for Russia. Vladimir Putin’s creation of contacts and impressions that he made in his collage career would really become an advocate for him in his rise to power of one of the largest countries in the world. The professor Anotoly Sochak, who Vladimir Putin met in collage, was about to offer him one of the most important occupations within his life. Anotoly became the mayor of St. Petersburg after the fall of the USSR in
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