Taking a Look at Vocabulary as More than a Means of Communication

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The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge; it shapes what we can know Vocabulary is essentially the core of language, where explicit terms are given explicit meanings or where some kind of philosophy or concept is given particular, formal nomenclature. Because the humans can produce sounds with their vocal chords and inscribe different, specific characters to represent these sounds, we tend to think in languages and vocabulary, as it is how we are able to communicate with one another. But perhaps humans are limited to the vocabulary they were taught and know, in which case our perception of the world would be confined by the terms we understand. To further investigate this claim, we will analyze vocabulary through foreign languages and increasing vocabulary. I believe that to a certain extent, the vocabulary we know influences what we can know but what we are able to comprehend is not wholly limited. For example, in language classes, students are often taught certain words that do not have direct translations into the English language. In International Baccalaureate Theatre Standard Level, we were taught about a theatrical technique of Indian origins called “rasa boxes.” Rasa boxes are eight squares marked on the floor in which three-dimensional boxes of distinct emotional flavors are contained. These boxes each have special names to represent the spectrum of the emotional palette these flavors are contained, and these names cannot be fully satisfied

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