Taking a Look at WESCAPE Development

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The Western Cape is home to “5 822 734” million people; this would be approximately 11, 2 % (5 822 734 / 51 770 560) of the South Africa’s total population. Western Cape’s population has grown from “3 956 875” in 2006 to “5 822 734” in 2011. From 2006 till 2011, it is estimated that the Western Cape has received a net migration of “225 657” into the province.

It is also been identified according to many demographic statistics that the Western Cape is one of the main two provinces in which people move to. This clearly indicates how there is an influx of people moving in to the Western Cape and how there is an increased demand of housing. It is also presumed that the Western Cape will have a population growth rate of “2.6%”.

In terms of the new WESCAPE Development, it must be asked if this project is another new type of racial separating schemes, similar to the ones found in Apartheid. To determine the outcome of this statement, the makeup of the Western Cape’s population must be looked at in finer detail.
2011 Black Coloured Indian/Asain White Other
Western Cape 32.9 % 48.8 % 1.0 % 15.7 % 1.6 %

As displayed in the table above, the majority of the Western Cape’s population is made up of “Coloured” people. The reason we need to look at this topic is so it can give necessary evidence showing if this new WESCAPE Development is…

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