Taking a Look at Wearable Technology

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Wearable Technology Wearable technology is a broad term that encompasses many forms, these forms can include glasses, bracelets, watches, clothing or many other smart items. The potential for growth in this market is limitless. This technology allows individuals to re-shape how their tasks are completed by giving them a hands-free to heads-up option. The “Internet of things” refers to an explosion of devices with connectivity and potentially artificial intelligence. This could show in motors, clothes, thermostats or other appliances. The IOT is rapidly adding to the context that will amplify the impact wearable technology has on the world. No longer will laptops or smartphones be a required hindrance. Both consumers and businesses have a need for “wearables” and I’ll highlight some of the advantages of such technology [1]. We first started seeing wearable computing technology sometime in the 1960’s. Helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War wore head mounted displays for night missions and even office ID badges can be considered a type of wearable. The technology since that time has grown exponentially and the advancement of miniaturization as well battery life leaves us at the brink of a technology revolution. The term “wearable” is the name for these devices because they are worn on the body like normal items, such as watches, glasses and jewelry. These devices consist of three module components: sensors, displays and a computing architecture. Not all modules must be
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