Taking a Look at Web Services

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web service is also called as utility computing.

Ontology is the structural data framework for this organizing to information and used in artificial, intelligence, semantic web, system engineering, software engineering, biomedical inform, library science and ect form of knowledge base representation this about the world or over some part of it. The creation of domain ontology is also fundamental to the definition and use of an enterprise architecture framework rules. A common ontology defines the vocabulary with own queries and assertions are the exchanged to among them user agents. Ontological commitments are agreements to use the shared vocabulary in a process relation goals, and consistent manner. The agents sharing a vocabulary need not share the problem maintain to the occures a knowledge base; each knows things the other does not, and an agent that commits to an ontology is not required to answer all queries that can be formulated in the shared vocabulary. Ontologies are often equated with mining the collection of classes, class definitions, and the sub assumption relation, but ontologies need not be limited to these forms. Ontologies are also not that is, definitions the traditional logic sense that only introduce terminology and do not add any knowledge about the world. will specify a conceptualization,…

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