Taking a Look at Wetlands

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What is it? Where is it?
Wetlands are an eco-system that is home to both native and foreign species, especially waterbirds and are wet some of the time. The inter-tidal wetlands of Bicentennial Park may be threatened by the quality of the fresh and salt water that flushes them as a result of the human activities in the catchment and Waterways. In this report, we will explore the mangrove wetlands in Bicentennial Park, Olympic Park, Homebush. The sixty-five hectare Badu Mangroves are listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia and is an ecologically significant estuarine wetland system. The wetland was created because of a series of land reclamation over several decades, including extensive mangrove stands, open water waterbird refuge and an estuarine creek system. The park offers a variety of pathways and boardwalks for spectacular viewing opportunities, allowing the animals to live peacefully while the wetland system can be enjoyed and studied. The Waterbird Refuge is rich in bird life, and provides habitat for large numbers and species of birds, including migratory species protected under international agreements.

What’s polluting the mangroves and how is it being solved?
From anecdotal evidence taking a tour on the Kadu boardwalks you will find that there are a numerous of items being litter on the mangroves including:
• Plastic
• Take-away packaging
• Glass
Bicentennial Park has a sustainable process to water conservation based on stormwater
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