Taking a Look at WikiLeaks

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Wiki Leaks is struggling against secrecy, and against a world that is trying to shut it down. It has released documents about US military operationsin Iraq and Afghanistan, unreported civilian causalitiesembarrassing Obama’s administration’s diplomatic actions, and many other documents. Although Wiki Leaks may be considered a threat to our social security system, it remains immensely valuable to the society and shouldn’t be banned since it is credible and it promotes democracy.
First of all, wikiLeaks is a credible source of classified documents. In fact, the information provided is authentic. It obtains facts from reliable sources and publishes them as received without any manipulations making them available for everybody to read and analyze. To put it in another way, the documents released by WikiLeaks contain confidential political information that is supposed to be hidden from the people. As to prove this: “the WikiLeaks materials have been likened to the Pentagon Papers, an exaggeration but not an entirely inapt comparison.”(WikiLeaks wasn’t wrong, 2010). This proves that WikiLeaks isn’t fooling its readers instead; it is providing them with trustworthy authentic information. It is doing its job to the fullest as any fifth estate. Since credibility is an outcome of authenticity WikiLeaks shouldn’t be…

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