Taking a Look at Wolfs Engineering

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Engineering organization COMPANY STRUCTURE: CHAIRMAN: Yousef Hedari is the chair man at wolfs engineering. Heidari’s job is provide the rules at wolfs company and leads the team member of the company in the right direction by making decisions in the best benefit of the organization. MANAGER/DIRECTOR: At wolfs engineering Jafar Heidari is responsibility to take care of the companies daily operation. PROJECET CONTROL: Reza Gulzar has the responsibility of focusing in the role of project planning and creating time lines, such as working with client and contractors and keeping the team member heading in the right direction. COUNSELORS & CONTRACTING: John Murphy works close to employees and the client to help them to identify the confusion and solve the problems. Works full time and always ADMINISTRATION: Peter Smith Is the Administration officer at wolf, Smith’s responsibility is to organize people and to keep CODE OF ETHICS: At wolf we have undertaken the responsibility of ensuring that our member’s action reflects positively in the organization, in order to achieve our goals the following principle should be obeyed at all time. • support the employee • Act with honesty • Admit to responsibility • Obey company policies • Respect each other’s value • use wolfs goods only for the company purpose HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY: Wolf engineering has great care for its employees and its visitors to feel safe around the company. It
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