Taking a Look at Word Processing

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ord Processing

Term Definition
1 Word Processing The process of a computer processing to achieve its data and other functions
2 Document A file that provides information that can later be changed by the user
3 Word Wrap When a word is too long to go on the edge of a document, it will automatically be moved to the left below the sentence above
4 Justify The ability to change the look of a document by changing the location of the text within each file
5 Scrolling Moving the screen across a web page in order to visit other parts of it
6 Editing Changing a document to make modification
7 Thesaurus A book of knowledge that give you synonyms of another word
8 Formatting To rearrange data into a specific way
9 Font Different styles of text
10 Orientation The choice of have your page to be oriented in a horizontal or vertical direction
11 Footers A piece that text that constantly appears at the bottom of each page of the document
12 Cursor The indictor on the monitor that corresponds to your movement of the track pad or mouse
13 Template A document that serves as a starting pointing
14 Superscript A character that is always above a sentence
15 Indent A small block of space that is away from the margins
16 Hanging Indent Where only the first sentence has been indented but the rest of the sentence aren't
17 Wingding A type of font that uses symbols as letters
18 Bullet An asterisk that is automatically placed at the beginning of another sentence
19 Find and Replace The…

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