Taking a Look at X-Rays

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New imaging techniques described in Origin and Development of Medical Imaging apply in computerization to conventional X-rays images. These images have incredibly improved and can be enhanced by digital techniques and the extremely great effect of these x-rays is the reduction of exposure to radiation to the patient (Doby, Alker 118). In the article, “Another Look Inside” quotes
Conventional CT scans are used to shape the place where a dose of radiation needs to be concentrated in to attack a tumor without damaging any healthy tissue around that area. The scan and treatment cannot be done at the same time due to interference with each other. But there is no interference problems with the field-emission X-rays, they can be used to take high-resolution images while the treatment is starting, which means those who are administering the treatment will automatically know when to continue and stop (The Economist). In “Another Look Inside”, states the rays are created by the energy of impact. These X-ray machines have progressed over the years. Tomography, CT scans, scanners that are used in hospitals have collected x-ray images that have been taken from different angles and converted into three-dimensional images of internal organs of a patient (The Economist). A prototype machine that has 52 field-emission X-ray sources is…

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