Taking a Look at a Computer Games Engines

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A computer games engine is the building block of a video game. It provides a software framework which game developers use to create and edit content for video games. They can feature a large range of tools and elements to aid developers into creating a game, such as renderers, animation and scripting to name a few. The engines allow the process of video games to be economized. This is because you can use the same game engine to create different games. Computer game engines use a variety of programming languages, such as Java and C++.
The purpose of a game engine is to provide a suite of visual development tools to a developer to aid them in the production process. They enable a rapid development by simply being able to re-use meshes, code and textures. Think of it as a big box and it contains a family of tools to help you with all aspects of creating a game such as audio, graphics and AI functions.
Ever since video games existed, it took a while for game engines to be part of the industry. Games would have to be made completely from scratch to make the optimal use of the hardware. The first few games engines came around in 1983, in the form of 2D game creation systems for independent use. Pinball Construction Set and ACSII’s War Game Construction Kit were the first 2 that came around with many more to follow.

History of Game Engines

The first game engine that existed as one was the Space Rogue game engine. Released in 1989, the engine had the same name as the game that
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