Taking a Look at the Arab Culture

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Islam is the religion practiced by the Saudis and it governs the personal, economical, legal as well as political lives. Islam basically started in Saudi Arabia. Many Muslims visit the country every year to perform pilgrimage of the Holy Kaaba.
Among the obligations of Muslims, prayer comes first. As a Muslim, I pray 5 times in a day. Friday is a holy day for Muslims. Most of the companies consider Friday and Thursday to be their weekend. During Ramadan, Muslims observe fast starting from dawn till dusk and they are allowed to work for only 6 hours in a day.
Where family values and culture is concerned, the tribe and family are basis of social culture. It could be even seen in the naming conventions that we, the Saudis, tend to be cognizant of heritage, clan, nuclear family and our extended family. We take responsibilities toward our families very seriously. The families happen to be quite large and extended family happens to be very close. An individual derives assistance and social network in bad times from his family.
When it comes to Arabic language, it would be worth mentioning to say that during Middle Ages, mathematics and science received great boost in Arab-Islamic far-flung civilization, that stretched as far as Asia. With the passage of time through commercial, scholarly and military contacts, Europe also absorbed learning of the more advanced civilization. Contacts with Arab world did play important role to simulate Europe’s intellectual and cultural renewal in
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