Taking a Look at the Banking Industry

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Chapter 1 Summary 1.0 Executive summary 1.1 Categories of banking The banking sector occupies a pivotal position in the global economy. it is useful to understand the variety of banks. Typically, the banks can be divided into two categories, one is the local banking and other is the foreign banking.  local banking The local banking may includes the Corporate Banking ;Investment Banking ;Private Banking, and Retail Banking  foreign banking The foreign banking consists of Full Banks; Wholesale Banks; Offshore Banks and Merchant Banks. 1.2 Focus areas of recent changes in the Banking industry The banking industry has experienced the rapid development during last decade. The development of banking industry can be seen from the large number of bank mergers and the increasing of average size of banks and the area over which they operate. However, the banking is passing through a period of substantial structural change under the combined and inter-related pressures of eight key areas in banking industry:  Having a new reality Environment The external environment has been affect by . there are several market insight attracts the banking . firstly, the rising of asia market, it has been expected having the massive fund and wealth transfer in the next decade, also, the generation & demographic effects plays an important role in market external environment such as Women segment on the rise, Young & Rich: +40% HNWI are 45 yrs old or younger, and more use of online social media. 
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