Taking a Look at the Bermuda Triangle

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A boat disappears into calm waters. A plane ends up at the bottom of the ocean, and no one knows why. This is the legend of the bermuda triangle. Is there a natural and reasonable cause to these disappearances? Or is it something beyond nature? The causes, simple- 100 ft. rogue waves, methane gas eruptions, and extreme weather. The location of the Triangle is between three points, Bermuda, Miami, FL, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. This location is unique due to the many reported ships and planes that disappeared without a trace. The Triangle does, however, have the Gulf stream flowing through it. This could have an important impact on the weather, and may provide insight to what's really going on. Magnetic North and True north line up in the bermuda triangle, causing confusion with compasses. There are many theories, but the location seems to play an important role in all of them. There have been many investigations on why ships and planes disappear. One of them is Discovery Channel’s investigation in 2012. This investigation took several theories and limited them down to only a few, those being rogue waves, methane gas eruptions, and extreme weather. They did this in several ways, one of them being creating a simulation on rogue waves and their strength. They built a 4 foot boat and created waves 10 feet tall. That signified a 40 foot boat in 100 foot waves. The boat was completely destroyed when it was hit by the wave. Another simulation they did was methane gas eruptions
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