Taking a Look at the Book of Judges

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The books of 1-2 Samuel formed from the transition from the era of judges to the era of kings. The book of Judges introduces the long years of Israel’s struggle to maintain control of the Promised Land from the death of Joshua until the rise of the kings. The book of Judges proves that a “Judge” could only partially administer, and a king was needed who could more effectively fulfil the roles and duties. Not only king is capable of fulfilling duties, which is shown during the time of Samuel. Only a king that is appointed and favored by god, and who honored Gods covenant would succeed. Each one of the three kings showed qualities of strength and weaknesses that made each of their time as king unique. They all faced trials and tribulations, and there faith was tested within the covenant, to see if they could lead under god, and still stay honest, and true. You’ll see within the stories of the Kings, were lack of obedience and love for god, will lead to disaster, and punishment, while obedience will lead to blessings. Also, true repentance will lead to forgiveness. Everyone is subject to sin, that’s in our nature, it’s how you respond once you sin that will determine your fate with god. During the time of Samuel, there was a longing need for the necessity of a monarchy. As Samuel started to get older and older the people of Israel insisted they select a king like the other nations. All the Isralites came together to choose Saul. He was the “people’s choice” based off of events
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