Taking a Look at the British Invasion

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British Invasion
British invasion is a musical movement started during the period from 1964 through 1966, which contains British rock and roll development. Many of the Americans greatest rock and roll musicians such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley and many great musicians influenced this movement during that time. The initiation of the British music scene completely gained the traditional instruments, overused lyrics, and established music forms. There are two different schools with two different sounds categorize this amazing time of influence, which is now known as the British Invasion. However, both economic and social class had an impact on the formation of these two schools.
The first school originated from Liverpool during 1962, which also known as the mercy beat. It was composed of a type of popular music called “skiffle” music, with an American folk and funk. Originally, “Skiffle” referrers to a sound created by the poorer African-American musicians of the American South who resorted to raw materials and handmade instruments (British Invasion). The second school was originated from London. They had a different kind of music that contains the American Blues and Rhythm. This school has developed a lot since it was started, especially during the 1960s a response to the recordings of American artists who brought over by African American servicemen in Britain during the cold war.
The school from London which played folk and funk had many music bands

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