Taking a Look at the Civil War

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The Civil War Do you how many people died in the Civil War? The answer is 620,000 soldiers died in the civil war according to (,but do you know what caused the Civil War or do you know how many slaves were in the Civil War? The Civil War changed the lives of many people and specifically Americans, it was the first ever Civil War in the U.S., many people lost their lives for the Civil war, and many slaves lives were changed after the civil war. This war would lead up to The Civil Rights Movement. This war was great turning point in American history for the slaves, for it had brought them closer to freedom. This war would change the future of the U.S and many laws and proclamations would be established after this war. The Civil War was the first civil war in the U.S, and it had caused the U.S to split in two separate parts. The Nothern parts of the U.S was The Union and the southern side was the Confederacy Therefore, the Civil War, which was between 1861 and 1865 (, The Civil War was caused by not just one thing but many other things. One thing was the election of the president Abraham Lincoln, this was one of the many factors of the civil war because the people of the south knew that Abraham Lincoln was a person that was agianst slavery. After this the state of South Carolina separated from the U.S and this was just the biggening, because after this many other states had separated form The U.S. The
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