Taking a Look at the Cold War

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The Cold War was a very scary and very horrible time between two countries after post war and each side was a very strong and had a lot of power:the USA and the USSA .At that time when everything was in tense there were some things,which they wanted to increase pulses between both the East and West but none of them where affect weapons of mass distractions was involved.
In most tense moments of the Cold War was time when were due to the associate nuclear weapons.The fears of the new nuclear weapons of huge destruction which caused the Cold War which almost increased to boiling point and which changed into a hot war.The main task of the essay to investigate what affects nuclear weapons had on the Cold War.To answer this question i will be researching such areas as the development of nuclear weapons and how did nuclear weapons affect the dynamics of the Cold War.

Nuclear Weapons first exploded into world of both sides military and politics world in 1945when the United States explore the first atomic bomb on Japanese ground into the city Hiroshima,after Hiroshima city United States explored another bomb on Nagasaki to say that WWII had become. Japanese government after bomb they did not had a choice,only one choose to surrender to the strong of the West.From Japanese situation the wold can see now the power and devastating affect of nuclear weapons and how is it strong and powerful. According to one author Lundestad (1999:149) saying that the use of nuclear weapons

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