Taking a Look at the Cold War

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Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and United State’s involvement in World War II, we remained an isolationist country. Once World War II ended, the United States left isolationism behind and began a quest to abolish communism during the Cold War, involving many nations. Although the success of the containment policy in South America and Asia was not identical, each were beneficial in decreasing communism during the Cold War. Throughout the Cold War, communistic governments were rising all over the world. In South American and Asia, blood was shed by those on both sides of communistic views. Attempts were made on the lives of non communistic leaders, some which did succeed, in an attempt by the communistic to take over a countries government. With the help of neighboring countries; the United States aided South America and Asian countries were supported by neighboring Asian countries; most protestors were able to overthrow their communist governments and gain their county back. In 1979, thick communism was brewing for the United State’s neighbor, Central America. A leftist group, called Sandinistas, had overthrown the long-reigned dictator of Nicaragua. Carter was president at the time and had turned a blind eye to the event in order for a good relationship to remain between the United States and the new Nicaraguan government. President Reagan, however, was not so sycophant and accused the Sandinistas of recreating Nicaragua to be a military base for communistic forces

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