Taking a Look at the Contingency Theory

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Drazin and Van de Ven(1985) note two fundamental strands or contingency thoery. The first is the “fit-as-mediation” veiw (Venkatraman 1989), whivh posits that managers select organisational structures, processes and straegies that reflect the particular senerio of organisations (Galbirth1973, p.2) in particular because the organisation is essantially an “information-processing network” the objective of organisational design is to achieve an efficient agreement between the information-processing requirments of its stratigic contingancies and the information processing capibilities of its integeration mechanisms (Gilberth 1973 p.3). The second strand of contingency theory is the synergistic fit argument or “fit-as-modeation”view (Venkatraman 1989). This view propeses that the firm performance is attributable to a mach between its stratigic behaviours and the internal and external enviorment conditions (Atuathene-Gima and Murray 2004; Zenithal, Varadafjan, and Zenithaml 1988). This suggests that KIM reasonable the effect of market knowledge and cross-functional collaborations on performance.
Effect of Market Knowledge Dimensions on KIMs We define KIMs as a arrangement and processes, such as the use of documantation, information-sharing meetings, examination of…
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