Taking a Look at the Crimean War

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During the nineteenth century, the Russian empire maintained its tradition of expansionism, advancing in a southernly direction towards the Black Sea; the ports of the warm-water basin were crucial for the development of their trade and naval authority. This induced direct conflict between Russia, the Ukrainian Cossacks, and the Crimean Tatars. Once Russia conquered and obtained control of the Ukrainian region, the Ottoman empire lost their buffer zone against Russian expansion. Disputing that the Russians could use their newly annexed territories as military bases, the Ottomans pressed for war. This clash also presented a religious issue of importance, as Russia saw itself as the sole protector of Orthodox Christians, many of whom lived under Ottoman jurisdiction.
The Eastern Question, pertaining to the rapid decay of the Ottoman empire throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, appeared to be only a matter of time as to the ultimate demise of the Ottomans. In response, the London Straights Convention was implemented to preserve the “ancient rule” of the Ottoman empire and more eminently, to maintain the Concert of…

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