Taking a Look at the Crusades

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The Crusades of the middle ages were an extremely important part of history, although it was very gruesome and unnecessary at the same time, an oxymoron. I say it was important only because it had an impact on the world we live in today. It could be a very different world if the crusades would have never occurred and I believe traditional Roman Catholicism would be much more popular nowadays. The concept of the crusades seems wrong in the modern morals, but at the same time it seemed completely right and justifiable. The politics of Western Europe in the eleventh century was a one of a kind. The pope believed Europe was being threatened by the Byzantine Empire, (a Christian empire itself), and the Mohammedan tribes. The first crusades began in 1095 A.D., Christian forces followed Pope Urban II’s orders to wage war upon the Holy Lands and reclaim them. Soon armies of not only knights, but pilgrims, including women and children were headed east by the thousands. They were pushed forward by religious ambition, divine promise; they were fighting for what they believed was crucial to their beliefs and divine purpose. It is truly amazing to me the dedication these people had for something they had never seen or heard. It was true faith nonetheless. At this time in Western Europe, Roman Catholicism was extremely influential upon society and the pope was basically worshipped; he was their guidance, their connection to god. In 1071 the Byzantine army was destroyed by the Turkish and

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