Taking a Look at the Death Penalty

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Forms of Capital punishment has been around for hundreds of years. Execution of criminals have been used by almost every society that has ever existed. People were executed for all types of crimes from being accused of witch craft to lying. In some cases a vast amount of people were put to death with capital punishment. In the 20th century tens of millions of people were killed by mass capital punishment. The holocaust was a very good example of mass murders for virtually no reason. Capital punishment can be good and some ways but very bad in many ways. The Death Penalty has a good reason as well as the bad. Criminals that has committed horrific crimes such as Child abuse, Rape, Murder etc. Some criminals deserve to be put on Death row and executed. People may feel like justice is not served if the person doesn’t get the death penalty. It is said that if a criminal is jailed they may get out and commit the same crime again. In the United States the death penalty is legal in most states. From 1976 through October 2009 there have been an estimated 1,177 felons have been executed in the United States. In the State of Texas there were 442 (38%) felons executed. Some states don’t believe in the death Penalty States such as Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,…
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