Taking a Look at the Death Penalty

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The death penalty is one of the oldest punishments in the world. It has many kinds and always appeared with blood and fright in the history. As the world developing, we got stuck in a problem, that whether we should abolish the death penalty. We have many arguments about the death penalty at present. There are more than 140 countries abolished it. Also the 58 nations with 65 percent population still used it, like China, America, Japan. Many lawyers, judges, politics and scholars also have their own opinions about the death penalty, some thinks the death penalty should be abolished because the death penalty cannot reduce the criminal rate. on the contrary, it increase the criminal rate like America. But others don’t think so. In a word, whether the death penalty should be abolished or not is a argument topic. we think the death penalty should be abolished, and there are three reasons. James’ part Crime has not decreased because of the death penalty surprised us. Because there are some serious crime hurts the people too much, some people decided to punish them and reduce criminal rates and then created death penalty. The feeling illusion may be a most of us agree with them that it can reduce criminal rate and prevent citizens to crime. But in fact, a research about the relation of the dead penalty and criminal rate by United Nations in 1988 and 2002 is opposite to the common sense. The research tells us a unbelievable result that the criminal rate is direct influenced by

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