Taking a Look at the Death Penalty

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Death Penalty Many criminals who commit murder are sentenced to death for the crimes they have committed. The death penalty is a highly controversial practice and the question that must be raised is: Should society continue to use the death penalty as a punishment for heinous crimes? Currently, this turbulent topic continues to be argued. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, there are already eighteen states that have abolished this archaic form of justice. Our society is moving towards a time and place where the death penalty is no longer an acceptable form of punishment. The use of the death sentence should be abolished from the justice system. The death sentence is an ineffective form of punishment that is morally wrong, potentially causes unnecessary deaths of innocent people, is costly, and does not accomplish the task that it has been instated to fulfill which is the prevention of crime. From a moral perspective, the clear answer is to abolish the death penalty. Just this week in Oklahoma there was a horrifying accident while the lethal injection method was being preformed on an inmate. Clayton Locket, the inmate, was given the injection that should have paralyzed and sedated him, but when locket’s vain erupted it went terribly wrong. “Witnesses described the man convulsing and writhing on the gurney, as well as struggling to speak, before officials blocked the witnesses' view.” (Ford, McLaughlin,Levitt) The final cause of death was a heart attack.

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