Taking a Look at the Effects of Family Size

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“The world’s population is still growing although the rate of growth has been declining since 1960s. Global population grows each year by approximately 80 million people.”(Arthur, 2004).Cultures and beliefs play an important role in large families and small families. Egyptians culture believes that owning a large number of children is a good achievement. This issue has raised controversial opinions. It is believed that small families are much effective than large families; as it provides high living standards, education level, health and medical care. Members of a small family can also have good physical and mental conditions for both parents and children.

Firstly, Family size is important in determining whether this family has high standards of living or low standard of living. Supporters of large families claim that owning a large number of children will increase the amount of money that a particular family gains as each child will work to increase their low living standards. Nevertheless, the increase in the number of children will decrease the living standards leading to poverty. As the number of children increase the family income will be divided on a large portion of individuals. The decrease in the income leads parents to force their children to work as they cannot afford their needs from clothing, health care, good quality education and balanced nutrition. As in small families parents can easily provide the needs of one or two children. This situation
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