Taking a Look at the Electric Daisy Carnimal

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Introduction The impact of today’s music festivals has altered the way the youth culture defines itself as it is constantly expanding to immerse people in a more interactive way to give individuals an unforgettable musical experience that connects the festival goer to the artist and how much the influence of music can impact people. The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of North America’s largest dance music festivals and it is noteworthy to understand how it culturally became popular with the influence of electronic music and how is has shaped and changed the modern rave scene in the US. Also known as EDC, this event has gotten bigger every year while creating the best experience for rave goers unlike any other festival. The significance of EDC is that it has changed how raves function here in America and how it is shedding a new light on the stigma raves had in the past. The reason I chose this topic is because people say that music speaks to soul but I believe that EDC is far beyond any other musical experience and feel that this event is judged in so many ways because people don’t understand the deepness about what EDC promotes and how it is influencing how young people interact and connect today because of the music. Creators/ Producers The Electric Daisy Carnival has created a unique experience and revolutionized the way raves present themselves to people that later garnered a big following due to the colorful scene and atmosphere at these events

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