Taking a Look at the Hospitality Business

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2.) To find out the market segmentation. New Product Segments Several efforts were made to understand the different segments of the hotel industry in order to understand the various needs for different segment of public. These materialize when hoteliers recognize the need for matching their innovations to contemporary demands. Among them are economy hotels , b all-suite hotels, casino/hotels, spas, and conference centers. Economy (Budget, or Limited-Service) Hotels. Budget hotels evolved from the roadside motor courts of the 1930s . These budget hotel were constructed to match the needs of people who are more concerned about the amount they spend over the stay The history of the industry's ever-improving levels of service is the story of amenity creep. An amenity is a special extra used to distinguish the property from its competitors. It's used in part to establish the brand and to give it equity. After a time, guests expect the amenity. No longer do they view the product or service as an "extra." It is now offered throughout the industry because competitors have first met the challenge and then launched their own, new amenity. Rather than a competitive advantage, the amenity is now a fixed cost. Guest Profiles Guests have several profiles; they wear different hats under various circumstances. Personas change depending on the reasons for the visits. Sometimes they're business persons, sometimes family members. They may be transient travelers, convention
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