Taking a Look at the Hyatt Hotel Group

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Endogenous Factors CSR activities Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about delivering sustainable value to society, as well as to owners and shareholders, for the long-term benefit of both. A number of hotel chains have long since recognized that having sound social policies makes good business sense and has its own inherent paybacks. Good CSR policies are evident within the large hotel chains, particular those with a strong brands and a good reputation to maintain. Furthermore, the value of a skilled and happy workforce – their most important asset – is recognized and promoted. However, the sector may be perceived to be remarkably modest in publicizing the way which it engages with and supports its employees, and therefore a significant number of positive CSR initiatives remain uncelebrated. Hyatt Thrive is Hyatt’s signature of corporate responsibility platform, it support company business strategy and committed to responsible business practices to server and better partner with company’s key stakeholders. Hyatt Thrive focuses on four key pillars which believed are essential to thriving community: - Environmental Sustainability: Focus on Resource Sustainable Building Design and Construction; Carbon Emissions Reduction; Conservation and Carbon Emissions Reduction; Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Waste Reduction and Innovation. - Economic Development & Investment: Focus on Access to Education; Career Development; Workforce Development and Skills Training. -
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