Taking a Look at the Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was one of he factors that lead to great development of many countries. The Industrial Revolution’s hearth, the United Kingdom, started the great economic and societal changes that were results of the country’s rapid industrialization. This revolutionary period, lasting from the late 18th Century to the early 19th Century, helped shape today’s world and its effects are still seen. Since the Industrial Revolution was born in the United Kingdom, the effects are most clearly seen there. It lead to new inventions, manufacturing processes, an increased population, and a radically different urban geography. Not all of the alterations that the Industrial Revolution brought were positive; it affected Great Britain in both positive and negative ways. One of the most notable changes resulting from the Industrial Revolution was the nodes of transportation. The vastly increased length and use of railroads, canals, and roads lessened the relative distance between areas. Goods and people could now be moved more efficiently over greater distances. Railroads helped cut 90% of travel time over more traditional transportation methods at the time such as horse pulled wagons and carts which often got stuck in mud (Tootell).The improvements due to the railroads increased regional unity due to lessened relative distance between English cities (Alagona and Marsh 70-71). On an economic standpoint, as one transportation invention was created,
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