Taking a Look at the Jewish Holocaust

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The Holocaust was the mass murder of approximately six million Jews that took place during World War II. There were nine million Jews who lived in Europe before the Holocaust, that means approximately two-thirds of them were killed. There were over one million Jewish children that were killed in the Holocaust, and there were almost two million Jewish women and three million Jewish men were also killed in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was controlled by a man named Adolf Hitler and his army of men who helped him. They were called the National Socialist German Workers, also known as “The Nazi Party” for short.
The Nazis used a phrase called “The Final Solution” to the Jewish Question. This phrase was used as a term for the killings of the Jews. They would often use the German term “lebensunwertes Leben" in reference to the Jews and other victims they killed. The term they used meant “Life unworthy of life” meaning they didn’t feel like their victims were worthy enough of living and this is how they justified themselves of killing so many people. They would take all their victims and put them in Extermination camps (also known as death camps). The purposes of the camps were to kill millions of people by execution (mostly by gassing) and for people to work long and hard hours under starvation conditions. The Nazi were literally trying to wipe out the entire Jewish race. They didn’t…
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