Taking a Look at the Kangaroo Rat

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Have you ever had questions about a certain species of animal? What about the Kangaroo Rat? What about, more specifically, the Desert Kangaroo Rat? Why does it live in the desert with fur? Won’t it get hot? Have no fear because most of your questions will be answered right here. What does the Desert Kangaroo Rat look like? Well, to answer that question, this species is cute in that weird sort of way. It has a long tail with brown fur. Their two big feet have four toes each, and they have really short arms. Along with their sandy brown fur, they have white stomachs. And on top of it all, they have a cute small head with big, black eyes, and small ears. What does the Kangaroo Rat eat? A small animal like this doesn’t really need a feast. This species of animal eats mostly only seeds and beans from the desert plants. Only sometimes does it eat grass and insects, but not very often. I mean, after all, it is really small. The Desert Kangaroo Rat obviously lives in the desert. It’s in the name. This species of animal occupies the deserts of Southern Australia. Now, inside of Southern Australia is a variety of bushes and scrubs, where these rats take refuge. They also tend to live in shallow impressions in the sand, so that they can hop up and get to work after a well deserved rest. I mean, it has to do something! The Rat Kangaroo isn’t much of a predator to anything, unless you count seeds. Typically being an herbivore, it really doesn’t have any offenses. But it does have

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