Taking a Look at the Kashmir Conflict

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The Kashmir Conflict has been an ongoing battle between India and Pakistan for decades. At its very basis, it is a territorial dispute between the governments of India and Pakistan and Kashmiri insurgent groups over control of the region of Kashmir. However, at it’s core it is religious quarrel that has been affected by the presence of nuclear weapons and the desire for local autonomy. The potential for peace is a topic still widely debated and rarely agreed upon by scholars. Through the decades-long conflict and continuous disaccord between India and Pakistan, the path to peace is paved solely by the Kashmiri people and their desires for their future, and with the resolution of this conflict, India and Pakistan may finally be able to contain the forces of communalism and religious extremism that has plagued them for decades.
The Kashmir conflict arose from the partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines, which led to the formation of India and Pakistan. However, 650 states, run by princes, still existed within the two newly independent countries in which the princes had to decide which country to join or if they would remain independent. Due to its location, Kashmir, and its ruler Maharaja Hari Singh, could choose to join either India or Pakistan. Unable to decide which nation to join, Hari Singh chose to remain neutral. Nevertheless, in October 1947, the Kashmir conflict officially began with the Pakistani invasion of Kashmir and

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