Taking a Look at the Macro Environment

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Usually its harder to influence on the macro environment then on micro , but it does not mean that firms should remain passive ; inability to control does not imply inability to influence . Often at the macro can be influenced by well- organized activities on public relations.
Key elements in macro environment called PESTL:political forces; economical forces;sociocultural forces,technological forces and legal forces.

Political forces -forces that operating in the marketing environment,that formed by officials who influence the decisions made by a business organization. Government officials can enact laws that could cause serious damage to specific business sectors. Political factors often affect the business ; recent examples : the general trend towards privatization of formerly state-owned enterprises , in particular public services , and the move towards renunciation of the protection of workers' rights . Firms must be able to respond to the prevailing political climate and to make appropriate changes in its marketing policy. For example, the company " Telstra " (Australia) had to make significant adjustments to their marketing approaches after privatization, in particular in connection with the revival of competition.
For example monetary and fiscal policy can viewed. Monetary and fiscal policies are implements the…

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