Taking a Look at the Maori Culture

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I chose this paper as an elective and was interested in developing my knowledge of Maori culture. I will now discuss the impact of Maori values and concepts as they relate to the study of a specific discipline, marketing.
From the well-known All black haka to professional golfer Michael Campbell’s clothing label, Cambo, the culture of Maori and their ‘brand’ are helping New Zealand position itself in an ever-increasing global market. New Zealand government officials first warned Fiat (car manufacturer), whom launched and advertisement of woman imitating the ‘Ka mate’ haka last year that it would be seen as insensitive to Maori and the New Zealand public. The irony of course is that this is certainly not the first time that an international company has trespassed into our culture and more likely it won’t be the last. The elaborate form of the traditional challenge is not often seen these days. It is largely reserved for special occasions such as visits by senior dignitaries. However, the principles that underpin the traditional rituals are still retained in a modern form (Guide, 2014). Recently New Zealand has been awarded second place in the world in terms of ‘authentic’ brands in terms of distinctive, unique and genuine cultures. Brand strategist Brian Richards adds, “Maori culture can add value to New Zealand’s identity in such a significant way”. Nevertheless as outraged…

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