Taking a Look at the Mayan Calendar

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It is one of the most accurate calendar systems in human history. The Maya calendar serves practical and ceremonial purposes. The Maya calendar consist several calendars that are based on solar, lunar, planetary and human cycles. The Maya calendar uses three different calendars. These three calendars are the Long Count, the Tzolkin (divine calendar), and the Haab (civil calendar). They hybrid together their complex mathematics and precise astronomy in a cycle known as “calendar round”.

It is a 260 days calendar. The word Tzolkin, meaning “Division of days”. There are several theories for 260 days cycle. “One theory for the significance of its cycle length is that the 260 days correlate to pregnancy source.” This calendar is not divided into months. In Tzolkin calendar, there are twenty named days with thirteen numbers; there is a specific day name for each 260 days, no months or weeks.
Tzolkin calendar begins with Imix with number one or 1 Imix, then followed by 2 Ik, 3 Akb’al, 4 K’an and it follows in sequence until number 13 B’en has been reached, Now it begins with 1 again, but this time sequence starts with 1 Ix, then followed 2 Men, 3 K’ib’, 4 Kab’an and it follows until 6 Kimi has been reached then it starts with 1 Manik and so on. In Tzolkin calendar each day repeated after 260 days(13x20).i.e 1 Ix will not occur…
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