Taking a Look at the Mayo Clinic

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Based on this week’s reading, core capabilities or competencies are defined as the main strength of organization based on their specific knowledge sets, skills, and technical capacities that render organizations competitive advantage in the industry (Bateman and Snell, 2014). When organizations are rooted in well-established core competencies, it would be difficult for competitors to imitate their competitive advantage. According to Berwick’s paper, ‘Escape Fire’, the present and future of health care does not appear optimal. Overall health care industry is under enormous amount of pressure to stay afloat given challenges with budget cuts and continuing quality and standards in care for patients in the current situation. Even in the midst of implementation of new Affordable Care Act and economic pressures, Mayo clinic has been continuing to stand firm as a health care institution known for his superior reputation in providing excellent care. So what are they doing right? During a recent interview with Mayo Clinic’s CEO, Dr. John Noseworthy shares his insights on how Mayo clinic was able to maintain and achieve its success through various sense making ways (Berwick 200) and core competencies for the past 100 plus years. Dr. Noseworthy first discusses its organizational culture in placing utmost emphasis on its patients centered environment. As the CEO points out, Mayo clinic clearly cannot escape economic pressure and consolidating efforts that other health care institutions
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