Taking a Look at the Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in April 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It became popular in the masses with the operating system Windows and Microsoft Office Suite. It is an American multinational company that is primarily known for its dominance in the software industry. With some of the best software including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, MS DOS and Internet Explorer to name a few, ever introduced in the market, it has become a software giant. Since the time Microsoft came into existence, it has focused on developing some of the best software. This focus on software has caused Microsoft to fall behind in today’s market. Its primary rival Apple Inc. has quickly become the leading tech giant with some of the most popular products available today. By not only providing some of the best hardware but also software, Apple has taken the much anticipated leap in the industry and has left Microsoft far behind. Over the years, Microsoft has primarily focused on developing software. However, since it has seen a drastic decrease in its revenues and popularity, it has introduced a change in its focus. There have been some major changes within Microsoft Corporation. A change, which involves expanding and branching out into producing hardware like Xbox and Surface tablet. It has also ventured into Skype, MSN, Bing and Windows Phone. Venturing out into these services has helped Microsoft bring a change to its long established image of just
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