Taking a Look at the Monash University

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Monash University is on the global scene a growing university which was established in 1958 in Clayton, Australia. Furthermore, apart from the five campuses in Australia, it has managed to grow tremendously on the international platform with five campuses affiliated to it spread across the world, in India, China, South Africa, Italy and Malaysia, at the same time linked to the Monash website. This essay will make an attempt to provide a critical analysis of the Monash website and the current affiliation with Laureate group of universities. Firstly, an analysis of Monash around the world link will be explored. Secondly, an attempt to discuss the affiliation of Monash South Africa University as part of the Laureate family with respect to the Monash website will be made. Thirdly, the business processes and functions of Monash South Africa University will be examined. Following this, a critical analysis of Monash South Africa and the use of social media will be explored. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn based on the analysis of the issues discussed in this essay together with my own opinion. The Monash website provides a platform to access information of any of its affiliated campuses via the Monash around the world link. Moreover, the most important aspect of any website is usability of the site. Furthermore, a website should not be extremely different from other websites as users spend most their time on other sites, hence they expect what is commonly done on other sites
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