Taking a Look at the Old Testament

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The Old Testament is a very complicated book. The meaning of the Old Testament is embedded in the history of the writers,people who read , people who passed it on, people who rewrote it and people who read it again. This statement implies that Old Testament was not written in one place or at one time. Some of the parts that make Old testament a rich literature is its complexity that resulted from its composition and redaction, which is believed to have took place a long time ago. One cannot simply avert that Old Testament’s literature power lies in this long process. The early Judaism and acient Israel had particular traditions that were very vital to them. This led to writing of a form that was read, revised, interpreted and reread. The outcome of this reflects a complexity and diachronic richness that should be accounted for in every discussion if its composition and redaction. The Old Testament is tied and linked closely to the ears where those traditions were corrected, script down, edited, re-scripted, and finally joined to form this book, which is termed as the Old Testament. Old Testament literature can be easily compared to a cathedral that had been set up over centuries and decades. This can help us identify different methods and different epochs that were used when the building work was being done to complete the cathedral. In many options, there are no sign of style or unity.
Form criticism(Sitz im Leben) Form criticism is a biblical
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