Taking a Look at the Opium War

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Documentary Essay Throughout China, currency was rapidly changing. At first China used paper money, but silver was the main form of payment. Silver was the main form of payment because it was easier to trade among many different countries with it. Paper money was used for a while, but the worth of it didn’t last very long and so China returned to using silver. Europe, America and China all started using silver for foreign trade. It was important for China to establish trading posts with Britain and America because of the new cultural items being brought into the country for the foreign ones. One reason for the success of silver taking over the main form of currency was the fact that large amounts of silver had been available in America and in Britain, who hadn’t started using silver as currency yet. Once the Ming Dynasty ended, silver was still used, but mostly along the coast of China. Trading will always be an extremely important part of society, whether it be among friends or even countries, and it was the same in China. There was a lot of profit from foreign trade between China, the Americas, and Britain because of the constant flow of silver in all three economies, merchants were the ones to mostly be impacted by this. China was extremely strict when it came to trading in the 19th century, so trading was only allowed in Guangzhou, which was in the southern region of China. Even though trading was allowed in Guangzhou, there were still a lot of restrictions on who

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