Taking a Look at the Original Sin

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Original Sin In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth ex nihilo (out of nothing). After God created the earth he made “the adam” out of the dust of the earth and by breathing into his nostrils made the man living. Everything God created was Good, the man was also good but only with woman was man complete. God created woman from the rib of Adam. Both Adam and his partner Eve were both placed in the Garden of Eden where they were to live and eat from, everything in the Garden except from the Tree of Knowledge, Good, and Evil. However one day a serpent came to Eve and asked made her question the command of not eating from the tree. The serpent told her that she could have knowledge and become like God if she ate from the tree. Both Adam and Eve ate from the tree and disobeyed God’s divine command. God in turn cursed the serpent as well as Adam and Eve. He told Adam that he would struggle and toil with the land and also that he will return to the dust just as he was created from it. God had to punish Adam and Eve for the disobedient act from where human corruption became apparent. After a British monk named Pelagius fled Italy in 409 to escape an invasion and moved to Carthridge in North America, a clash between this monk and Saint Augustine became inevitable. Both of these men who were teachers and involved with the church had two completely opposite and opposing doctrines that were bound to class. This inevitable debate finally occurred in what is known as the
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