Taking a Look at the Peace Corps

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JFK wanted to involve Americans more to spread democracy, peace, development, and freedom, so he started the peace corps with his brother in law. After a month of debating it among people, they decided to start it in February of 1961. The Peace Corps was established by executive order on March 1, 1961. The congress approved the Peace Corps as a federal agency within the State Department, on September 22, 1961. In 1981, the Peace Corps was made an independent agency. In the 1960s, the Peace Corps was very popular with college graduates, but in the 70’s the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal made many Americans' faith in their government start going away. The interest in the Peace Corps began to start going down which cause the government to cut money. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan tried to make the Peace Corps bigger by including more fields that can joint available. If it was not for Kennedy the Peace Corps would not have started how they did and they would not become what they are today. Kennedy was very persuasive and captured the American’s attention very fast. Before he was elected president, he was very interested in making the peace corps possible; A peace corps is designed to understand people from other places in the world, it is made up of volunteers. In the 1960’s The Peace Corps volunteers helped provide the development idea of “progress from tradition to modernity”(Fischer 3) The Peace corps volunteers were confronted with the huge task. Confronting how different
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