Taking a Look at the Platinum Concepts Pty. Ltd.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents a case study analysis of the Platinum Concepts Pty Ltd. Jim Gunsberger is in his late thirties and is the inventor of the Terminator. The Terminator is a ‘gender neutral’ wrist accessory. It looks like a large, but stylish hi‐tech wrist watch. The Terminator has attracted enormous popularity among a wide range of people in various walks of life. Jim’s business is a company called Platinum Concepts Pty Ltd. The business manufactures the Terminator but obtains parts from external suppliers. Most parts suppliers are located in Australia but one is based in England (supplying the Terminator’s casing) and another in Japan (supplying the digital screen and the Terminator’s special internal power supply which includes solar, nuclear and friction power components). Jim has built the business to perform most major functions that are typical of a medium sized enterprise. Later the business started facing communication problems between its departments because of the lack of proper business process management and this led to the downfall of the company’s progress in the market. This was found that there was a major communication failure between company’s departments which results in delay of product delivery to the customer. To resolve this communication barrier between departments the company need to follow information systems for communications purpose. This will not only save their time but will also help in

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