Taking a Look at the Price of E-Books

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Consumers are no longer buying as many hard copy books since digital readers are more convenient to carry around, they also give more privacy since others can’t see what is being read, and the books are much less expensive. Price is a major factor that consumers look at when deciding to purchase anything, including an e-reader. The fact that e-readers are becoming lower in price and eBooks are much less expensive than traditional books is a dominant factor of their increase in popularity. The Price of an E-Reader When e-readers were first released with a high price, many consumers chose not to purchase one, however after companies realized what had occurred because of the price they created models to sell at a much lower price. “Although the first Kindles were relatively expensive at $399, sales took off in late 2008 followed by price-drops and new models. By August 2010 when the Kindle III model was introduced for $139, an almost viral proliferation of the new reading platform occurred.” (Ellen McCracken, 2013, p. 107) With the price decrease in price the popularity of e-readers rose astronomically. Apple has also lowered their prices on some of their IPads, there newest model can be purchased for $319 (Apple.ca). The IPad can be used for more than just reading, therefore the $180 difference between the IPad and Kindle is fairly reasonable. The Competition between Companies The price of e-readers are not only going lower with these two companies new up and coming

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