Taking a Look at the Price of E-Books

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Price is a major factor that consumers look at when deciding to purchase anything, including an e-reader. The fact that e-readers are becoming lower in price and eBooks are much less expensive than traditional books is a dominant factor of their increase in popularity.
The Price of an E-Reader
When e-readers were first released with a high price, many consumers chose not to purchase one, however after companies realized what had occurred because of the price they created models to sell at a much lower price. “Although the first Kindles were relatively expensive at $399, sales took off in late 2008 followed by price-drops and new models. By August 2010 when the Kindle III model was introduced for $139, an almost viral proliferation of the new reading platform occurred.” (Ellen McCracken, 2013, p. 107) With the price decrease in price the popularity of e-readers rose astronomically. Apple has also lowered their prices on some of their IPads, there newest model can be purchased for $319 (Apple.ca). The IPad can be used for more than just reading, therefore the $180 difference between the IPad and Kindle is fairly reasonable.
The Competition between Companies
The price of e-readers are not only going lower with these two companies new up and coming…

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