Taking a Look at the Quercus Alba

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The Quercus Alba or commonly known as the white oak tree is a hardwood tree that is found in many areas around North America. The wood from this tree has been a very good building material and is used in projects from house building to small wood carpentry projects. Quercus Alba is a very tall tree that extends outward at the top making a very large canopy. Unlike its common name the white oak does not have whit bark. Its natural region extends from the eastern coast over the Appalachian Mountains and into the eastern part of Kansas. White oak trees can reach heights upward of sixty five to eighty five feet and the tallest was one hundred and forty four feet. As the trees get taller their canopy extends out farther and many branches at the bottom of the tree are run horizontally to the ground. The base of the tree grows to a large diameter which makes a great base for the large tree. The tree is a very sturdy hardwood tree that makes great building material. Quercus Alba has a closed cell structure making it hard for water to get in. It has a natural resistance to water and it will not rot. This great quality of the Quercus Alba makes it an ideal building material for many large construction projects. Before ships were built out of metal early carpenters and ship craftsmen would build ships out of white oak. Many large construction projects are built with white oak. Homes are commonly framed with white oak wood and the interior of some houses are done with white oak.

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